East Zone
Ajay Sahu Ajay Sahu Designation: President DJA SUJ Odish Phone: 9437090954 Email: ak.ajaysahu@gmail.com Details:
Kailash Nayak Kailash Nayak Designation: General Secretary SUJ Odisha Phone: 9437229046 Email: kailashnayak63@gmail.com Details:
Rakesh Praveer Rakesh Praveer Designation: President NUJ Bihar Phone: 9431238944 Email: rakeshpravir40@gmail.com Details:
Ritesh Anupam Ritesh Anupam Designation: General Secretary NUJ Bihar Phone: 9431238944 Email: anupam.ritesh@gmail.com Details:
Baldeo Sharma Baldeo Sharma Designation: President JSJU Phone: 9431161297, 9006773647 Email: baldeo01@gmail.com Details:
N.K. Murlidhar N.K. Murlidhar Designation: General Secretary JSUJ Phone: 9934345750 Email: nkmurlidhar@gmail.com Details:

  Registered office

        7, Jantar Mantar Road

        Second Floor, New Delhi 110001

  President: 98102-95833

  Secy General: 94250-11551


Why National Union of Journalists (India)

The National Union of Journalists (India) set up NUJ-I School of Journalism and Communication in 1992 to undertake the urgent need for upgrading the professional skills of journalists working in the print and electronic media.

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